Andrea Starr

CODAME Featured Artist: Andrea Starr

Drea enjoys playing with voltages to create shapes and patterns, connected with multiple cables, while manipulating frequencies by twisting nobs; this is done through an analog video synthesizer. Considering there are often flashing lights, as this synthesizer is sound reactive, it came to her surprise when she found it soothing, not seizures provoking, considering she deals with generalized epileptic seizures. More about Drea’s stories on dealing with epilepsy at Keppra Nation blog. @KeppraNation

Currently she is working on a project called Clonic Optics using the video synthesizer and with the back story of her epilepsy.


Join us for a 5ENSES (+ sixth sense mystery experience) with Andrea Starr at CODAME 2013 ART+TECH Festival (Nov 1-2)

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Andrea Starr