CODAME Featured Artist: Beeple

Beeple is Mike Winkelmann.

Mike Winkelmann is currently a graphic designer living and working in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. Beeple is the pseudonym for his personal work that includes short films, live visuals, graphic design, music and drawings. Most of his current work focuses on ways to visual music through video. His work has screened at onedotzero, Siggraph, Optronica, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and many more. He has also released work on Flying Lotusí Brainfeeder label.

See for yourself at the 5ENSES Experience†at the†CODAME 2013 ART+TECH Festival†(Nov 1-2)!

Seen At:

Grand Opening Night at Rackspace Geekdom


Works On:

Motion Graphics