Bruno Fonzi

CODAME ART+TECH Commodore and co-founder, also Director of Engineering at Salesforce.

Technologist and Creative Leader, entrepreneur and supporter of the arts. In 2009 started CODAME in San Francisco, to fulfill his passion of exploring the intersection of art and technology, an opportunity to support, cultivate art and innovation and bringing people together from different backgrounds such as Artists, Designers, Developers and Engineers to explore the future building installations using an artistic philosophy in a playful, experimental way.

Bruno sold his first software app to an school in Italy, when he 15 years old. I also sold my computer (TI 99/a) as part of a bundle and made enough to live and study one full year in the US.

He worked at as consultant for Siemens, Telecom Italia, and the European Space Agency (ESA). Satellites, robots and space shuttles was his first job, it was a great start!

As part of his final BSc Computer Science theses project in London, he built a photo manipulation tool. This project enabled him to combine his passion for software, photography, art and design early in his career and ended up working for industry leaders companies, in the publishing media world, such as Quark and Adobe.

Eventually landed in Silicon Valley, worked for a start-up and and the decided to fund his own, CODAME is still his favorite stARTup!

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