Chris Birke

“Ultimately, play is the most effective form of creation, and through it we can design the future for the better.”

CODAME Featured Artist: Chris Birke  first sunk his design-teeth into the internet, modding Doom and Quake and downloading any video game he could boot.  Today, Birke has emerged as an innovative graphics programming, game design, and production artist, adept at spanning different aspects of digital media to promote connectivity and education.  With the Rangers he created the first “Quake Movies,” popularizing what would eventually become known as “Machinema,”  or cinematic productions made from computer graphics.  His passion for furthering technology can be seen in his research, innovation, and creation; he is always holistically drawing inspiration from the world of games – from their technological foundations to the great ethical implications they have on our future society.

Birke, who has a degree in Multimedia Art from the University of Oregon, was actively  involved with the production release of Counter Strike  and worked as a developer at Buzzmonkey Software.

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Chris Birke