Donald Hanson

Donald is a musician and creative coder responsible for several ART+TECH projects, most of which have manifested on the internet. He’s also a CODAME team member helping to promote creators and inspire collaboration.

His latest project is gifSlap, “VJ Software for people who love GIFs”. It started as a web browser experiment in 2013 and has grown into a fully featured VJ application. The software has been shown at several CODAME events, particularly in 2014’s GIF Happy Hours at Geekdom. Learn more about the software and grab a copy


As a VJ Donald performs under the name VCO Vault. Frequented events (besides CODAME) include 8bitSF and LoveTech SF. VCO Vault visual sets are known for psychedelic GIF manipulation with a touch of humor. VCO Vault is available as an adoptable artist for any type of event that calls for visuals. More info at


In 2011 Donald cofounded Gridwalk Labs, an electronic music netlabel. The mission of the label is to provide a platform for innovation in music distribution. The label is run with an emphasis on experimentation and seeing every release as a chance to test ideas that challenge the music industry. They’ve since published 13 releases and worked with several artists from around the globe. Access the discography at

Donald Hanson
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