Gary Boodhoo

Interaction designer Gary Boodhoo makes picture of minds.

The Jamaican-born machine learning enthusiast uncovers collective memories by turning neural networks into gameplay. His creative practice encourages emotional connections with smart objects. "I caught a glimpse of my Self inside the computer and wondered if others would see it too", Boodhoo ventures. He describes his current work as science fiction cave painting owing to its spontaneous creation of ritual imagery. His video installations have appeared at conferences and festivals across the Bay Area. Mr. Boodhoo is a veteran game developer and interface designer.


You can learn more about Gary on this post on our ART+TECH Collection on Medium:

"Science Fiction Cave Paintings"
Interview with Gary Boodhoo

CODAME Featured Artist Gary Boodhoo is an interaction designer who draws on his digital training as well as a longtime fascination with psychedelic experiences to create his artworks. Under the label, DeepDreamVisionQuest, he explores the nature of games and perception, producing what he refers to as “science fiction cave paintings.” Recalling the ancient images at Lascaux, this term is one way to describe the primal human expression he seeks to make possible using cutting edge visualization technology.

In my recent conversation with Boodhoo, we discussed his technical background and the multiple threads of inquiry that led him to DeepDreamVisionQuest. We also examined the aesthetic and intellectual challenges that inevitably occur when enlisting artificial intelligence and machine learning in creating original artwork.... [read more here]

Gary Boodhoo
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