Aaron Harbour has released several albums of original material: intricate hiphop influenced beats painstakingly spliced in audacity, catch some on Bandcamp andSoundcloud. Professionally, Harbour gets paid for keeping 9th Floor Radio running, catch his eclectic TIMBER show over there. 

Aaron Harbour is also a curator, writer, and artist operating out of Oakland, CA. He is co-director of Et al., a gallery program in San Francisco, and has additionally curated exhibitions at The Popular Workshop, Important Projects, MacArthur B Arthur, Liminal Space, and Royal Nonesuch Gallery, and art fair booths at NADA Miami and New York, Dallas Art Fair, and Art Los Angeles Contemporary. He runsCuriously Direct, an art criticism blog on Facebook, and has additionally written forFillip Magazine, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, Art Practical, Decoy Magazine, Art Cards, and several small publications/artist catalogues. As an artist he has participated in exhibitions at CCA Wattis Institute, City Limits (San Francisco and Oakland) and Southern Exposure.

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