Ian Winters

CODAME Featured Artist: Ian Winters, originally trained as a photographer and filmmaker, has over the past decade bridged collaborative and individual projects encompassing photography, video and installation-based performance work.

Much of Winter’s recent work has centered around collaborative devised projects with choreographers, performers, and musicians in both staged projects and site specific installations.  He is currently pursuing conceptual interests in how imagery formed at certain perceptual limits, such as very low-resolution video, subtly changing series of images, and temporal distortions such as extreme time lapse / compression change our experience of social spaces, and, seemingly private experience.

As an artist Winters strives to make technology (if used) an essential, inseparable tool — but still to be fundamentally a tool for exploration rather than a means in itself.  Even when the conceptual or political material may be complex — such as explorations of memory & series; temporality, scale, and physical sites; exploration of the complex social relationship of technology and the landscape; and the intersections of live performance; the social and technology — Winters sees the emerging role of technology as one of a fundamental democratization and opening of individual and social possibility.

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Ian Winters