Jeremy Sachs

Jeremy Sachs (aka REZMASON)

Rezmason is a migratory ungulate native to the semantic plains between bedroom programmer and office clown. Subsisting off of deadpan humor, cosmic horror and incorrigible curiosity, Rezmason has occasionally produced small digital commodities intended to mezmerize, to pay homage to natural phenomena, or to creatively communicate a concept. Its natural predators vary seasonally between a fear of failure and work / life imbalance. Rezmason is also known to harbor a species of programming language known as the Haxe, which is fast, versatile, open source, cross-platform and sports powerful macro features. When approached, Rezmason will usually describe something excitedly. However, if mid-encounter Rezmason should unfold into an unresolvable sillhouette, pulsing with the non-light of impossible suns, it is already too late.

Rezmason is in Oakland, California.

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