Joel Cretan

Joel Cretan is a digital artist and Bay Area native now living in San Francisco. He has been coaxing computers to display strange things since discovering Macpaint on his grandmother’s computer when he was 4. Computers are deterministic, but their behavior is so complex that it is impossible to anticipate how they will handle all the crazy inputs you can throw at them; this complexity is one reason he enjoys exploring the unexpected results of combining simple and sophisticated algorithms for creating patterns and shapes. Some of his more recent creations reflect the cyberpunk dystopia that the future has turned out to be. He prefers to share most of his work without restriction on the greatest and most troubling communication medium ever imagined, so his more polished works can be found at, and his latest experiments are at

Come check out Joel’s work at our CODAME Art by Code Gallery in January 2015

Seen At:

Art by Code (Final Reception)

Art by Code [2015]

ART+TECH Rendezvous #4

Joel Cretan