Jonathan Wallraven

"Anything could happen to you anytime and you cannot do nothing about that"

Jonathan Wallraven is a San Francisco-based artist who uses intricate, stark black-and-white sumi ink installations to overwhelm his audiences in immersive experiences. Wallraven uses manic, flowing lines and audio-visual projections to depict anamorphically distorted arrangements of friends, lovers and symbols.

Wallraven’s work has been exhibited in the Dissident Futures Arts & Ideas Festival at YBCA,  the San Francisco’s Chinese Culture Foundation, and Kokoro Studio.

Wallraven was trained in printmaking, drawing, and sculpture at Middle Tennessee State University, and has recently received his MFA from California College of the Arts (CCA).   He is currently curating the CODAME ART+TECH “Film” Fest, which is still seeking entries.

Seen At:

3D Web Fest Salon [2017]

@ Rackspace::Solve After-Party

ART+TECH Rendezvous #2

ADOPT an ARTIST Showcase

ArtsTech Meetup: CODAME Debrief


Dissident Futures Art and Ideas Festival


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Jonathan Wallraven