Jordan Gray

CODAME Co-Founder + Creative Technology Consultant

Jordan has been active in digital media for over 20 years. His earliest projects pioneered digital music and manga distribution. Of late, Jordan leads technology, prototyping, and innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies. His clients include Walmart, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Intel, and Google.

In 2010 Jordan founded CODAME to celebrate innovation unlocked by polymaths. The inclusive community forms our future through playful launches of ART+TECH projects. Inspiring CODAME experiences take the shape of workshops, residencies, off-sites, salons, and installations. 

Music, photography, and multimedia art allow Jordan to scratch his own creative itch. He licenses his art under the Creative Commons to encourage remix and reuse. Jordan's work has featured in New York Times, Vice, Engadget, and more.

Away from the screen Jordan is a moving meditation mentor. He's certified to instruct Dayan Qigong by Grandmaster Hui Liu of Wen Wu School in El Cerrito.  

AKA @staRpauSe [twitter, bandcamp]

Jordan Gray
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