Marta di Francesco

Marta Di Francesco(1978) is a London based visual artist, exploring new aesthetics, merging poetics with code.In her practice, she investigates digital identity and its fragmentation, exploring and questioning it through digital bleed, time displacement, processing, and through the sculptural quality of time in volumetric aesthetics.

For nearly a decade she has been merging a conceptual, critical approach with a search for metaphysical, poetic correspondences between the body, the spirit and the metaverse, writing and creating radical pieces that inhabit and crossover poetry, dance and code, and working through multidisciplinary collaborations to explore new expressions and conversations.

Di Francesco’s latest screenings and exhibitions include THE WRONG New Digital Art Biennale (2018), Back to the PostFutureExhibition curated by ADAF Venice (2018), POOL Internationales TANZFilmFestival Berlin (2017), VECTOR Festival Toronto (2017), The Third Culture Film Festival Hong Kong (2017), ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival (2017) and ADAF #PostFuture Journey Digital Art Exhibition at Athens International Airport (2017), RETUNE Festival Berlin (2016), NEW AESTHETIC: Future Bodies programme at Film Festival Cologne (2016) and NEW AESTHETIC programme at KFFK Cologne (2016), the Psych Space screening at EEF Festival, part of Norman McLaren retrospective at the Whitechapel Art Gallery London (2016), the Dream:ON Digital Art screening at the Göethe-Institut curated by Alpha-ville London (2014), the RGBD screening at the New York Museum of Arts and Design for NY Makers: the MAD Biennale (2014), the Echoes AV Installation commissioned by Mother for Digital Shoreditch London (2012).


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