Natacha Merrit
CODAME Featured Artist

An accomplished artist and producer, Natacha Merrit was ready for a new challenge and soon developed a passion for biology, "the ultimate exploration of life," she says. She returned to higher education in 2005 to study biology at the San Francisco State University, specialising in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology.

In 2008, while deep in her studies of biology, she wrote an "insect circus" inspired by her observations of the insect world and celebrating the importance of biodiversity. She licensed the rights to Cirque du Soleil and the circus became OVO, still touring. Merritt's recent work highlights how our morphologies are intimately linked to other species through shared and convergent evolution. While proposing a new feminist stance, Merritt incorporates scientific insights with her artistic practice. Her new work unveils an untapped sexual beauty and eroticism hidden within all species.

Meet Natacha at our CODAME 3D PRINTING Event May 1, 2013 from 6-9pm at Adobe, San Francisco.

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Exploring the dimensions of 3D Printing

Natacha Merrit