CODAME Featured Artist: Nonagon

As a producer, Nonagon is at once technical, intuitive, and expressive. His focus on marrying emotion and beauty to the raw core of underground dance music has led to a large body of original work running the gamut from grimy hip hop to cinematic drum ‘n bass. He is also the production half of the new trip-hop / downtempo duo “Dust Red Skies” with vocalist Angie Donkin.
As a performer, Nonagon brings the skill and technique of a traditional instrumentalist to the cutting-edge of electronic music performance. His live sets — always composed entirely of original music — are heavily improvised through hands-on manipulation of a carefully-curated combination of commercial and hand-built hardware and software. An engineer and contributor to live electronic music site, Nonagon is constantly pushing the state-of-the-art and setting new standards for electronic music performance.

Hear him yourself at the CODAME 2013 ART+TECH Festival (Nov 1-2)!

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