Jeremiah Johnson is a computer musician and artist based in New York. He is known for his creative (ab)uses of obsolete consumer electronics and fluency in early Internet vernacular. His work embraces errors and disorder in the man-machine interface, and the importance of failure in breaki⍀⌿⌞⍀_ .-⌞⌢⌣⌜ng us from expected trajectories in order to provide pǝɹǝʇןɐ perspectives.

He is the founder of the 8bitpeoples low-tech audio/visual collective and a contributing member of Computers Club Drawing Society, Phone Arts, and █████ ███████. Some of his installations, talks and performances have been presented at Eyebeam: Art+Technology Center (US 2012), Telfair Museum of Art (US 2012), Museum of the Moving Image (US 2011), Museo Regional de Guadalajara (Mexico 2011), Torino Regional Museum of Natural Science (Italy 2010), iMal: Centre for Digital Cultures & Technologies (Belgium 2010), and LABoral: Centro de Arte y Creación (Spain 2009).

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