Sustainable Magic

CODAME Featured Artists: Sustainable Magic is a creative partnership between best friends Sean Stevens and Ashley Newton.  Using art and technology, the duo creates engaging, interactive art with the aim to evoke surprise, wonder, delight, magic, and playfulness in their viewers, leading them to question their conception what what is possible.

They actively want to help others learn to harness their creative potential through teaching workshops that blend creativity with engineering through the use of emerging fabrication technologies, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and embedded electronics (e.g. Arduino).  And underpinning all their work, they incorporate the important message of sustainability and renewable energy, creating art with low power consumption, that is able to be powered from our renewable energy technology / infrastructure (primarily solar and human-power).


Seen At:

ART+TECH Festival [2015]

CODAME @ NightLife LIVE 2015

Sustainable Magic