3D Web Fest Germany [2017]

Inspired by its success in San Francisco June 2017, CODAME is bringing 3D Web Fest to Germany!

3D Web Fest brought artists, programmers and performers together in a celebration of the extraordinary potential of the 3D web. Over 800 spectators packed the Palace of Fine Arts to enjoy this film festival style showcase of the most cutting-edge 3D browser-based experiences. The diverse slate of performances included virtual worlds, dynamic audio-visualizations, mocap dance and more.

The theme for 3D Web Fest Germany is CONNECTION. Connections have a subtle but powerful presence, weaving through the micro and macro of our lives. Opposites connect to define each other and synapses connect to create a self. Individuals connect into communities and governments connect locales.

Showing in Centralstation Darmstadt, Germany on October 16th, 2017, as part of Autodesk Forge Devcon.

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Anxiety Brain

Mass Migrations

From Sea From Land


On Love

Under Neon Lights


Felix Woitzel

Yanling He

Delia Otetea


Mr. Doob

Ivan Moreno


Eve Weinberg

Kinetech Arts

Travis Bennett