Body Scan Asset Jam
  • On August 6th, CODAME showcased at the California Academy of Science, the featuring submissions to the Body Scan Asset Jam.
  • We now have over 800 models in our Sketchfab collection.
  • Let us know what you make with the models and tag us on social so we can share it too!





ModBod3D has uploaded over 100 full body scans to Sketchfab, all licensed under the Creative Commons for free remix, sharing and use. 

To celebrate the asset dump, CODAME is holding a BODY SCAN ASSET JAM, starting now. All mediums are of interest: stylized renders, motion graphics, physical sculptures, traditional wall hanging pieces, VR/AR, music visualization/videos, etc!

To be considered for the show, Submit your finished work or let us know about an idea you’re excited about.


  1. Grab the assets (cleaned up stl meshes) for use in your creative and coding adventures.
  2. Submit your work for consideration by August 1st Deadline.
  3. Join us August 6th at Cal Academy of Science NightLife for the showcase!


Commercial: 3DS Max – AutoCAD – Maya – Magics – Rhino3D – ZBrush

Free: GLC_Player – MeshLab – Blender – STL-viewer – Tinkercad – Autodesk 123Apps

ModBod3D STL ZIPS: compromised k9d – 


There’s still time to be scanned and added to the collection as well, book ModBod3D scans for a private appointment or special event.