CODAME Evening as part of The Leonardo Convening

Where: San Francisco Art Institute, Fort Mason, San Francisco.

When: Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, from 6pm to 10pm

In “Intersections,” CODAME showcases work that defies boundaries: Where art meets technology, experiment and play collide, and new media wander curiously in the footsteps of old. Featuring gallery installations, screenings, and performances, “Intersections” explores the surprising, inspiring, and challenging crossings of art, science, and technology.

What is the purpose of creative vision in a world dominated by science and technology? Though commonly thought to inhabit distinct worlds, the “two cultures” of art and science have long collaborated for common purpose. The middle of the twentieth century saw many surprising partnerships bloom across the realms of art, science and technology. In the decades hence, these boundary-defying explorations have contoured many creative landscapes. Contemporary work in new media art finds its roots in these early collaborations. 

More announcements with installations, artists, performances, coming soon... stay tuned...


Submit your Project or Performance to Intersections

What are the mutual interests of these “two cultures” and how do they drive each other to ask different questions? We invite works that explore the intersections and defy the boundaries of art, science, and technology, be they at the borders of disciplines, the borders of knowledge, the borders of perception, or the borders of the skin. 

Consider: How might art history and the languages of art have shaped the emergence of new technologies? How has artistic method shaped scientific process, and vice versa? In a world rife with imaging and tracking technologies (digital cameras, surveillance, data-mining), how might art envision these new and emerging forms of seeing, moving, and being? As new technologies license unexpected forms of perception (enabling us, for example, to look at the very small - dust, bacteria, atoms - and the very large - stars, galaxies, massive corpuses of data), how can aesthetic projects reflect or refract these perceptual shifts? How might advances in science and technology create new aesthetic mediums? How have these intersections fostered new forms of expression? In what ways might works of art offer critical resources for addressing some of the more euphoric or ominous futures portended by technological advances? 

Send us any relevant artworks and description to be considered for your project proposal. All mediums and formats accepted.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Leonardo

The Leonardo Convening is the culminating event of our 50th anniversary. The event’s aim is to initiate a challenging, vital network-wide experience. The event is designed to bring together attendees from diverse disciplines and experiences. We want this event not only to celebrate 50 years of building our network but also to help us design where we want to be in the next 50 years. This will be both an outcome of design thinking and a sector manifesto.

This event is neither a festival or a conference. Rather this is the culmination of the 28 international celebrations for our 50th anniversary. We are crossing industries, fields and boundaries in order to make deep intentional experiences. 


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