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ConnectingBuilding, and Sharing are the pillars of CODAME #CodeArtTogether workshops:

  • Connecting artist and tech community together, learning from each other.
  • Building tangible outcomes in the timeframe of the workshops.
  • Sharing your work is our inspiration to be showcase during and after the workshops.


Shaders Workshops

In these online workshops you’ll learn how to code graphics and animations using shaders. This class is interactive, in that you can ask questions real-time;  you will be talking to your classmates and you will be encouraged to show your work.

The environment you'll code in is free and browser based, no time wasted in setup/installation. Quickly iterate on creations by talking directly to your graphics card with GLSL (a C-like programming language). 

Once you’ve got the basics of shaders down, real-time rendering skills translate to many projects: livecoding performances, music visualizers, spicing up your unity/three.js/openframeworks projects, snap filters, and animated gifs (as just a few examples).


Time Schedule

2 hours duration on Sundays at 11:00 (PT) (14:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC, 20:00 CEST) Time.Is


  • Oct.25: Webcam with Shader 

Using your webcam input use GLSL code to create a unique glitchy filter for a self portrait, portrait of your pet, anything you can hold up to your webcam! 


$20 suggested donation with a sliding scale. Get your ticket now.

We offer special deals for educators and team building. Introduce yourself so we can partner! 




This 2-hour session will include the following exercises:

  • 15min - Introduction, concepts, and context.
  • 60min - Guided hands on creation, application of concepts.
  • 30min - Self directed hands on in smaller groups.
  • 15min - Show and tell your shader creation(s)! Q+A. Exploring next steps.
  • ??min - Round Table, Algorave & hang! 



No programming experience required, but some scripting recommended. If you're starting from scratch or need a brush up on syntax, follow the first 15 minutes of  this video tutorial teaching you how to make shaders, starting with zero knowledge.


What to bring

Computer and internet connection.

For best experience, it's recommend to have a second screen (or tablet) for the video streaming and keep your main for computer display for live coding and test your shader creations.


Software to be installed


We will provide

We will send you links to tutorial and video meeting the day before the workshop.


Workshop creations

Some examples of work generated in past workshops:

  • Sep 19: Music Visualizer Take the first steps to wielding the power of shader code by creating a simple real-time music visualizer using Shaders.
  • Apr. 18: Fundamentals of 2d Shaders 
  • Apr. 25: Fundamentals of 2d Shaders
  • May 02: Raymarching for 3d Shaders
  • May 16: Lighting & Cameras for 3d Shaders 
  • May 23: Fundamentals of 2d Shaders 
  • May 30: Raymarching for 3d Shaders
  • Jun 06:  Lighting & Cameras for 3d Shaders 
  • July 05: Music Visualizer
  • July 12: Webcam with Shader!





Workshops are great for team building. They cultivate space to play, which guides sense-making and sparks innovation. In our workshops attendees become featured artists with the option to show their workshop creations in CODAME galleries. 


Join us

In these challenging times this is a an opportunity to be more connected beyond our usual San Francisco boundaries.

This is just the start of a CODAME workshop series to continue to connect, inspire and shape the future by building beautiful and playful ART+TECH experiences all together.

Join us. Sponsor, Volunteer or lead a workshop. What topics grab your curiosity to learn or teach? Let us know through our call for workshops.

All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Donations are always welcome.

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Thank you for your support for ART ♥️ TECH

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.


Code of Conduct for all attendees.