Workshop: Data Visualization

 Seeing the Data Around Us 

with James Proctor

October 26th @ GitHub San Francisco

Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

In recent years data visualization has become an increasingly popular and important tool for describing and understanding our world. It's easy to focus on the massive scale of a dataset or the dramatic quality of a spectacular design, but data visualization as a process begins much more simply by asking questions, observing, and thinking critically.

Participants in this workshop will be guided through the complete data visualization process. We'll begin by identifying questions of interest, then collect data from observation, analyze what we find, and finally present it in a way that tells a story or expresses a point of view. We'll also make time to discuss ethical and practical challenges in how we collect and visualize data.

Our data will be drawn from public space: the streets around the Github offices where we'll be meeting. After an introduction and discussion of potential topics, participants will go out into the world with notebooks and pens. 

The subject matter might be concrete and practical: noticing which streets attract the most pedestrians or cyclists. Or more personal and expressive: marking locations that evoke specific memories. Participants might also be inspired to change their focus based on what they experience, maybe finding the emotions on the faces of passersby more interesting than their demographic information.

This workshop is part of CODAME 
ART+TECH Festival 2019 『 SPACE 』 

ART+TECH Festival 2019 『 SPACE 』

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