Workshop: Twitbot Chopshop

Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

Build a Twitter bot with Yiying Lu and Lil PDF

After a brief lecture outlining some sane starting points, attendees will dive in and create their own Twitter Bots. From the most entry level Bots written in and Cheap Bots Done Quick  to more advanced concepts importing other media such as images or API’s

Twitter bots.  In order to see how easy it was to make a Twitter bot is and challenges of question I’m asked in mind, a bot tweet?

I like to make a Twitter bot is only as ethical as the feeling of questions, like the feeling with technology?” I always answer that comes with having skills, worry not! These days, all you need to create my bot tweet? or Why am I getting this weird error message? and relentlessly follow users.

How do I even make a Twitter bot? In minutes of working hashtags and challenges of making friendly Twitter bot, but stretching across the person who programmed it.

In order to see however, good and logical reasons for creating Twitter bot tweet? or Why am I getting this in mind, a bot is and challenges of account. So you deal with these days “what “I like to automate repetitive tasks to save me time.”

I hope this guide will help you deal with some time so I even make a friendly Twitter bots. 

Yes, a bot wrote this workshop description ;) Join us to walk away with your own whimsical automation!

After the completion of the Twitbot Chopshop we will use the #Twitbot #ChopShop hashtags (and other #’s created during the event) and will project and display them at the ART+TECH Festival [2018] #ARTOBOTS.


Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

 June 5th, 5:30pm @ The Midway

as part of CODAME 

ART+TECH Festival [2018] 


Image by Terian