ART+TECH projects and nonprofit events, to inspire through experience 

Embracing innovation through creativity, play, and collaboration between artists and technologists

  • Feel inspired and inspire others
  • Demystify and make technology more accessible to Artists
  • Embrace the value of Art in the Tech community 

Members of Intersection for the Arts a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 

/// HOW
We build immersive, engaging, out of the ordinary experiences by:
  • Exploring new media boundaries with artists, coders, designers, performers, musicians and other curious people
  • Celebrating creativity by curating magic-inspiring experiences that combine art with technology
  • Inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, startups and companies by injecting creativity into organizations
Inspired by the global network of creative coders, designers artists that Bruno Fonzi and Jordan Gray knew from around the world, CODAME was founded in 2010 to celebrate their passion for art and technology back home. The first CODAME ART+TECH Festival happened on a foggy rooftop in downtown San Francisco, setting the precedent for our immersive, engaging and out of the ordinary events.

Since then we have...

  • 50+ projects built in collaboration with artists around the globe
  • 60+ events since 2009
  • 200+ tech+artists collective
  • 100k+ community reach to top-industry engineers, designers and artists 


A bunch of peeps with a thing for Art and Technology!
Commodore (in-Chief): Bruno Fonzi @BrunoFonzi
Amiga (Guru Meditation Handler): Jordan Gray @staRpauSe
Atari (Artist Canvas): Vicente Montelongo @Mexist
Cray1 (TechArt Ninja): Kevin Koechley @KKoechley

Alfred Dominquez, Irene Grossrubatscher, Dat Phan, Justin Kinder, Jaquie Bacich-Paratt, Valerie Alloix, Stefano Corazza, Kiri Rong, Vicky Chen, Karen Hsu, Nancy Garcia, Julie Goldsmith, Allen Ellison, Drew Clark, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer, Bernie Samson, Tiare Ribeaux, DC Spensley, Lauren Anderson, Michael Conover, Andrea Starr, Felipe Brahm, Hanna Regev, Jesse Fulton, Misaki C. Kido, Jonathan Wallraven, Julia Sun, Lauryn Porte … and more than 200 amazing artists and volunteers. Join us


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If you are wondering how to pronunce CODAME, not to worry, you are not alone...