CODAME celebrates creativity through inspiring experiences with events, workshops, art galleries, performances, and installations. CODAME is most known for the annual ART+TECH Festival, which has been running since 2010. 


Leveraging technology for creativity requires cultivation. By valuing questions over answers, CODAME creates spaces encouraging exploration and discovery.

Artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, makers, and leaders are welcome on our journey. Startups, corporations, non-profits, and collectives have participated in CODAME style way-finding!


Drives innovation and engagement by embracing creativity & exploration
Shares the value of art in the technology community 
Demystifies and makes technology accessible to artists


The network of creative coders, designers, and artists our founders knew from around the world sparked CODAME to celebrate art and technology passionately. The CODAME brand of immersive, engaging, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences was coined at the inaugural CODAME ART+TECH Festival in 2010 on a foggy rooftop in downtown San Francisco. 

Since then, we have built... 

100+ events and workshops, both public and private
200+ projects, performances, and installations around the world
300+ artists featured at our events
100,000+ community of artists and technologists


Your support is what keeps us going!

CODAME is a Gray Area Foundation for the Arts member, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting art and technology for social good in San Francisco, California. 

All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Donations are always welcome. Thank you for your support for ART ♥ TECH

Contact Us if you are interested in making an in-kind donation or buying art on


Join us to continue the visionary celebration, running since 2010!

We are a bunch of peeps with a thing for Art and Technology:

Oskar (Gallery Maker)
Yiyue Chen @iothaP (Community Engagement)
Vicente Montelongo @Mexist (Artistic Director)

And infinite thanks to our friends and allies through the years: Ξnki-Ξa Is∴∴c ☥, Alissia Christine, Nataliia Frank, Luna Yu, Quinn Keck, Lisa Kolb, Irene Kaoru, Amy Lee, Laura Lee, Vanessa Chang, Kevin Koechley, Donald Hanson, Kim Pham, Cindy Clark, Olia Pospelova, Josh Santangelo, Kimberly Mackoy, Alfred Dominquez, Irene Grossrubatscher, Dat Phan, Justin Kinder, Jaquie Bacich-Paratt, Valerie Alloix, Stefano Corazza, Kiri Rong, Vicky Chen, Karen Hsu, Nancy Garcia, Julie Goldsmith, Allen Ellison, Drew Clark, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer, Bernie Samson, Tiare Ribeaux, DC Spensley, Lauren Anderson, Michael Conover, Andrea Starr, Felipe Brahm, Hanna Regev, Jesse Fulton, Misaki C. Kido, Jonathan Wallraven, Julia Sun, Lauryn Porte, Kimmy Colombo... and more than 200 more amazing artists, technologists, and volunteers!



CODA-ME? CO-DAME? Cŏ-Dɑ-Mɛ? An intentionally ambiguous collection of consonants and vowels, your way is the right way ;)

Or check out this video for some options ...



CODAME Code of Conduct for all participants and attendees.