Call For Volunteers

All skillsets, strengths and levels of commitment are welcome, but there are a few skills that we would find particularly valuable.

Immediate needs:

  • Fundraising Liaison: Reach out to current and potential partners.
  • Hollywood Buster: Shoot and cut that video on YouTube or Vimeo and go viral as a cat!
  • Hack Designer: Push the boundaries of ART+TECH to express what CODAME is all about.
  • Blogger: Keep our ART+TECH posts on Medium fresh with your wit and insights.
  • Media Press Liaison: Spread the good word and make sure the world doesn’t miss out.


 Always needed:

  • Journalist: Record the action for our remote viewers, interview speakers and attendees.
  • Street Team Member: Take our message to the people via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
  • Art Curator: Bring your creative light to our events.
  • Web Ninja: Demonstrate your ability to code, design, crash bugs and write html as fluidly as drinking a glass of wine.
  • Event Curator: Have an idea for a great event? Lets make it happen!
  • Event Liaison: Greet attendees, provide badges and give out information.
  • Event preparation: Meet beforehand to set everything up, prepare workshop materials, refreshments, put up signs, etc.
  • Event tear-down: What goes up must come down.