Call For Volunteers

We offer a fun and rewarding experience, where you can learn new skills and pass your knowledge on to others. An opportunity to meet like-minded people, make friends and build a network of people from all backgrounds who share a passion for ART+TECH. We are also offering free tickets to various activities planned at our events or workshops.

All skill sets, strengths, and levels of commitment are welcome, but there are a few skills that we would find particularly valuable.

In high demand:

  • Video Star: Create short movies to showcase artists work and inspire others.
  • Media Press Liaison: Spread the good word and make sure the world doesn’t miss out.
  • Hack Designer: Push the boundaries of ART+TECH to express what CODAME is all about.
  • Workshop Booster: Lead and coordinate our workshops, learn and build stuff together with our Artists.
  • VR Architect: take the work of our artists to the next level to be experienced also in virtual galleries.  
  • Web Dev Ninja: Build websites, design as fluidly as drinking a glass of wine.
  • Cyber Conservator: Connect with artists around the world to include in the CODAME HD Collection.
  • Volunteer Champion: Lead, coordinate and recruit more champions
  • Poet: Keep our ART+TECH posts on Medium or Substack fresh with your wit and insights.
  • Street Team Member: Take our message to the people via TwitterFacebookInstagramtumble, TikTok, or even myspace if you want!

Evergreen Opportunities: 

  • Event Curator: Have an idea for a great event? Let's make it happen!
  • Event preparation: Meet beforehand to set everything up, prepare workshop materials, refreshments, put up signs, etc. 
  • Event Liaison: Greet attendees, provide badges and give out information. 
  • Stage ManagerBring your own shepherd's crook, be close to the action! 
  • EmceeBe the charismatic glue weaving through an amazing line of acts. 
  • Hollywood Buster: Shoot like a paparazzi and go viral as a cat! 
  • ModBod Scanner: Run the full body capture interactive installation, always a hit! 
  • Event tear-down: What goes up must come down
  • Event Master: overseeing event operations, guiding volunteers, artists, and coordinating technical and production aspects.