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In partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) has launched the Supply Chain and Logistics Enterprises (SCALE) Challenge has been launched to transform supply chains. There are many important supply chains that exist - the food supply chain, the fashion supply chain, general goods and more.  More than $100 billion dollars is lost every year to waste, theft and many other issues in supply chains.

SCALE is looking for artists. Alice Walton believes that artists will drive a heightened level of success in high tech enterprises as they provoke creativity, change boundaries, solve puzzles, fill holes, shed skin and are the foundation for world transformation.

What is the Expected Time Commitment for Artists? We expect artists to commit 2-4 Hours/Month for all phases of the SCALE Challenge, which include June 2019 through April 2020 ( 

Why Do We Want Artists to Participate? 

We believe that involving artists in the SCALE Challenge will cultivate and nurture "art spirit" in participating startups. With art spirit, SCALE Challenge startups will be most creative, disruptive, and poised for long-term success toward transforming supply chains. Artists provide enormous value to high-tech enterprises in the SCALE Challenge to drive real transformation and, at the end of the day, people want to purchase things that are irresistible. Artists:

  • Provoke creativity
  • Not just test, but change the boundaries of rules and imagination
  • Solve puzzles; fill holes; shed skin; transform the world

Why Should You Join?

  • Networking Opportunities (engage with other artists and entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as leaders from Crystal Bridges and the Momentary)
  • Robust, White House-Recognized Entrepreneurial Startup Training
  • Gain Significant Exposure through National/Global Media, such as Forbes
  • Create a Breakthrough Company that Earns Equity, Prize Money, and Capital
  • Illustrate How Artists' Involvement in High-Tech Entrepreneurship Improves Startup Outcomes through Creativity and "Art Spirit"


We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity.

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