10th Anniversary Art Cards

Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival


6 collectable art cards
released over 10 days
at paras.id/codame.near 


To celebrate the 10th annual ART+TECH Festival, CODAME is launched a set of digital art cards on Paras. The designs reach back into the vaults of Vicente Montelongo, the non-profits original Chief Creative Officer and a constant inspiration for CODAME branding. The card backs tell the tale of "Venusian Orbs" by flash fiction author Max Zsol.  Let us know yourname.near wallet address (or what name you'd like so we can set you up) to recieve a card (while supplies last)



Paras and CODAME share a healthy overlap of ART+TECH interests. Goals of both platforms include:

  • Creating accessible platforms for artists.
  • Elevating the value of art during technological advancement.
  • Driving innovation across silos and meaningful engagement.

For these reasons, Paras will #JOYNT the ride for their CODAME ART+TECH FESTIVAL 2020.


JOYNT us on PARAS art card platform

First you'll need to create a NEAR wallet, it's an alternative chain to ETH/BTC. Perfect to get into if GAS is killing you 😉 Process will look something like this: