Cangjie's Poetry

Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (free for all to particpate!

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Cangjie’s Poetry is a multimodal intelligent system that was designed as a conceptual response to the future semantic human-machine reality. Inspired by Cangjie, an ancient Chinese legendary historian (c.2650 BCE), who invented Chinese characters based on his observation of characteristics of everything on earth, we trained a neural network to learn the constructions and principles of over 9000 Chinese characters and named it Cangjie. Cangjie first transforms surroundings perceived by the neural network through a camera into a cluster of ever-changing new symbols that are constructed by Chinese strokes. Those novel symbols compose a dynamically evolving poem. In the meantime, Cangjie also creates meanings for those symbols by using computer vision systems to generate descriptive sentences of the surroundings in natural language that humans can read.