Enhanced Wars

CODAME Featured Game:  Enhanced Wars

With the CODAME GAMES showdown only days away, we thought we’d give you preview of the indie games that will be duking it out on August 21 for top bragging rights and a trip to the ARTS+TECH Festival.

Below is a run-down of Enhanced Wars for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This game looks like a cross between Chess and good ol’ fashioned Army Men.
Is my presumption accurate at all?

Ethan Levy (lead designer): Sort of — Enhanced Wars is a turn-based war game that is designed for fulfilling asynchronous multiplayer gaming.

Basically, the game takes classic, turn-based strategy gameplay found in games we love and updates it for modern sensibilities. It’s designed from the ground up to deliver a fast, accessible, and fulfilling experience that focuses on strategic use of your army, not resource-hoarding and base defense.

Most turn-based strategy games are great as single-player experiences when you are crushing the computer, but lose sight of fun when you play another human and get locked in frequent stalemates or long, boring mop-up phases. Our goal in designing Enhanced Wars is to fix all that.

So, how exactly will Enhanced Wars fix those ‘fun leakage’ problems?

Being a multiplayer game, Enhanced Wars is all about interactions with other people. When you’re playing with a real person, the emotional stakes are much higher. We want a player to never forget that one tense match where they came from behind and executed an intricate strategy perfectly to trap their friend and win the game.

What was the biggest challenge in creating the game?

Honestly, our biggest challenge is funding.

We are launching a Kickstarter campaign in late-August and, unless we are successful, will not be able to take our multiplayer demo and turn it into a finished game.

Crowdfunding can do big things — just don’t neglect that pitch video.
Thanks for talking to us, Ethan, and good luck in Kickstarting Enhanced Wars!

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