Eugene Houdin

CODAME Featured Game: Eugene Houdin

With the CODAME GAMES showdown only days away, we thought we’d give you preview of the indie games that will be duking it out on August 21 for top bragging rights and a trip to the ARTS+TECH Festival.

Up first is the stick-figure fighting game, Eugene Houdin!

I’m digging the ‘notebook battle’ aesthetic of the game!
What platforms will you be releasing it on?

Nick Smith (Game Director):  Right now, Eugene Houdin is being developed for mobile devices. However, there will be a Flash version as well. 

Why should we drop whatever we’re doing and play it?

It’s a doodle animation fighting game. This is such a unique game that has an interactive element to it unlike any other fighting game made before. 

What makes the interactive ability to this game so unique and amazing is that however, you swipe your character will react. You swipe forward and up you will upper cut or if you wipe down you duck. You aren’t just clicking a button but really drawing out the path. 

As a game creator, what was the hardest part about making Eugene Houdin?

The hands down biggest challenge in making this game was developing the game for nearly free.

With a team of about 10 people, the game was created for next-to-nothing. Finding amazing talent that had not yet been discovered was hard to find. The solution to this is that — except for one person — everyone who worked on the game is a teenager.

Kids can make big visions come to life. They’re not jaded at all.
Thanks for talking to us, Nick!

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Eugene Houdin