IOIO Plotter

The IOIO (pronounced “yo-yo”) Plotter is a drawing robot created by Ytai Ben-Tsvi, an engineer, who became a CODAME artist by creating a robot to draw art for him.

The homemade, open-source IOIO Plotter is controlled by a custom Android application using Ytai’s own IOIO-OTG printed circuit board. It imports images then plots them onto paper in one of several unique styles. Images can be provided in advance, taken during the event or emailed by attendees.

The IOIO Plotter is happy to share his work for free, however he is also very sensitive, depending on the his mood and inspiration, his output is always a unique masterpiece.

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IOIO Plotter

Seen At:

ART+TECH Festival [2015]

Art by Code (Final Reception)

Art by Code [2015]


Ytai Ben-Tsvi

IOIO Plotter