Matchy Pilot for swissnex SF - FAQ

What are the goals of the Pilot?

swissnex SF partnered with CODAME to pilot Matchy, a chat application to connect people. The goal of Matchy is to connect people in a casual way. It’s fun and low friction while still providing all of the benefits of bringing peers together in real life.

We’re very excited to pilot the chat bot for the very first time by deploying it on our community slack team. We partnered on this project with CODAME because we want to help you all better connect with each other and benefit as much as possible, in an intelligent and targeted way, from the network effect.

This means we are not only helping with user research but have the unique opportunity to build what’s currently a Minimum Viable Product into a tool that is deeply customized to the specific needs and user preferences of our swissnex community. This pilot is our chance to beta test and train the bot. Your insights, ideas, questions, and feedback are all extremely valuable and will help shape the future of our robot friend! 

You can leave public feedback in the #matchy-pilot channel or email us:

How can I participate?

Matchy’s pilot is built for our swissnex community slack workspace for all of us to test and use. The bot is deployed on a dedicated channel called #matchy-pilot which you have been automatically invited to.

By joining #matchy-pilot you opt into participating and will be taken through the onboarding process. The channel is also the best place to share anything on your mind along the way, but feedback via direct message, phone call, actual conversation, or any other medium you prefer is also appreciated (jordan_codame or Beta testers will have the opportunity to provide feedback also in a survey later on. 

You can engage with Matchy as you see fit, meaning as much or as little as you want; or not at all. You can also mute or leave the channel at any time but we hope that you will at least engage once. Every engagement is a valuable insight and you might discover that it’s very useful and also fun =)

Thank you in advance and enjoy matching!

About Matchy

CODAME is building Matchy, a chat application connecting people. Matchy was conceived to support CODAME mission to bring artists and technologists together to collaborate. Soon we realized Matchy is also useful to other organizations. CODAME has spent years making connections across all kinds of teams, disciplines, and silos. By baking our expertise into Matchy, CODAME can help cultivate collaboration among cross disciplinary skillset people, at a global scale.

People who know each other and socialize in a casual setting are far more likely to be willing and able to call on each other for help or even just to brainstorm ideas. They are more likely to collaborate and operate as a true team.

Matchy enables people from all levels of the organization and teams to build and maintain new workplace relationships that otherwise would not have happened.

By using Matchy, organization silos are broken, The development of internal relationships and shortcuts to other divisions or teams of the organization enables easier access to those other departments and collaboration opportunities .


  • Lead: Jordan Gray
  • Advisor: Bruno Fonzi
  • Developer: Don Hanson
  • Developer: Rachel Sowa
  • UX: Cindy Clark


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Donald Hanson

Bruno Fonzi