Full body scans for stylized identities 

Take your event's photo opportunity to the next dimention with ModBod, a 3D scanning booth offering a unique and memorable experience!

Visitors are prompted to pick up a prop or strike a fun pose from an inspiring look book. The entire scanning process takes a few minutes and gets shown on a large display to demonstrate the satisfying interactive experience and attract a crowd. 

The scans can be emailed to the participants or get posted on social media with the event hashtag or visitors handles. The WebGL viewer works on mobile phones for instant satisfaction and can be customized with a companies logo or background image.

The 3d models are a standard format that makes it psosible to 3D print yourself or replicate your friends. An artist can be commissioned to futher stylize the models, live at the event or as a follow up engagement. Take your selfie game up a notch with a virtual sculpture, animated GIF, or interactive web artwork! 

From house parties to conferences, no crowd is too big or small for capture fun. If you can hold a pose for a few minutes, ModBod will capture it forever!


See more ModBod 3D scans in the CODAME ART+TECH collection!


ModBod3D Scans Printed Example  ModBod3D Scans Printed Example 
ModBod3D Custom Branded Bases

Example 3d prints, customize the base!


Scanning process video.

Optionally, scans can be included in the public CODAME SketchFab Gallery, where we have captured more than 500 model bodies. The 3d assets are downloadable under a Creative Commons license, so anything is possible. Some of the artists who have remixed the scans and used them in their projects include: Mark Klink, Boned Dancers, HoloShatter, Rezmason and Amiwang.




Mark Klink



Seen At:

Kids & Art Foundation - Happy Hour & Friendraising!

FILF - Live Fashion and Music

3D Web Fest [2017]


3D Web Fest [2016]

CODAME ✘ Summer Pulse SF

CODAME @ NightLife LIVE 2015

Body Scan Asset Jam



Art by Code (Final Reception)

Art by Code [2015]


ART+TECH 'Virtual Reality' @Mozilla Video Streaming!


ART+TECH Rendezvous #5

Geekdom Demo Day + Happy Hour

ART+TECH Rendezvous #4



Ami Wang

Jeremy Sachs

Bruno Fonzi

Justin Kinder

Mark Klink

Donald Hanson

Dat Phan