"Nadi" is a beautiful series of digital sculptures revealing the harmony and rhythm with which our body exists in time and space. A digital juxtaposition of poses generated with each breath of the visitors body which brings them into the moment. The resulting image of linear, radial, and particle trails captures an elegant keepsake of the visit. 

The installation can optionally be a performance featuring a Yogi who will encourage the audience to interact with the piece in between demonstrations of flowing postures. A performers presence further demonstrates the repetitive nature of cyclical body movements, the powerful therapy in circular drawing, and the energy field sculpted by a body in concious practice. 

Nadi, in addiiton to have been going live at TEDx, Bangalore and our CODAME ART+TECH Festival "MOVEMENT", it has been featured in the Discovery Channel and the Creators Project. Its making a new wave in the space of Yoga and tech.


Seen At:

ART+TECH Festival [2015]


Natasha Singh + TimeBlur