Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (free for all to particpate!

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Nexus is a hanging collection of creative artifacts participants leave behind to celebrate and connect.  It is free to particpate virtually by filling out this form and generate an image!  Nexus will also be a pop up at Vulcan Park & Museum where participants can fill out a booklet outdoors and leave it on display at the park!  where

Each participant is given a booklet-shaped ornament and invited to choose from prompts encouraging reflection on their experiences this year and the season, as well as what changes they want to see in the next evolution around the sun. 2020 has been an unprecedented year of great change and isolation, so this piece provides an avenue for collective contemplation in the physical realm. While screens and social media have provided critical avenues for connection in the time of social distancing, Nexus provides a unique and broader social sharing experience that transcends likes, feeds, and followers and is no longer focused on individual profiles.

The artifacts participants leave behind are equalized in their anonymity. Everyone takes up the same amount of space, with no algorithms or sponsors determining whose story is shown to the viewers. Individual experiences are mapped into a collective experience; people can connect through creative reflections on the year without knowing other participants. This group project demonstrates no one is alone in the isolation of this year, and there are many creative avenues to connect this season.

All particpants in the 2020 ART + TECH Festival Joynt will be sent instructions to participate and the finished group piece will be uploaded here!

Limited edition Nexus mugs and scraves are also for sale!




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