NFT Program

Join CODAME Artist Collective program!

If accepted, you will receive access to all future CODAME ART+TECH events. Submit your online or physical projects: workshops, installation experiences, performances, or artwork for the opportunity to be showcased at CODAME EventsGalleries, and/or have your artwork prints for sale in our Shop or as NFTs

To apply:

  1. Read the CODAME Artists Agreement
  2. Send us your project Proposal
  3. Upload your artwork Here

Our curators will follow up with you with an acceptance letter or for further information.

Contact us or join the CODAME Discord ART+TECH community for any questions you might have.


CODAME will promote your work in all events, including virtual art galleries or official NFT Gallery

2020 brought CODAME artists great success in the NFT market. At the beginning of 2021 we took a pause to do things right & address concerns we heard from our artists. Partnering with MINTBASE on NEAR ticks all of our boxes:

  • Carbon neutral gen3 blockchain built for global adoption.
  • Support the CODAME ART+TECH mission by splitting sales profits and royalties.
  • Fast & inexpensive transfers.
  • Web-native UX (no browser extensions required).


For NFT works you will receive:

  • 70% of the profit (from the original sale and "Forever Royalties").
  • Curation assistance (selecting the right work for the right platform, release schedule).
  • Minting assistance & guidance (descriptions, tags, pricing).

For all works:

  • Promotion can include social media, artist profile page on, interviews, critiques, etc.
  • CODAME can reproduce your artwork to promote it.
  • You must own all rights to artwork you submit. You will retain all copyright. 


Radical Transparency

All profit from the NFT shop will go to a CODAME Community Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Anyone in the community will be able to make proposals for the council to greenlight. Self-governance and royalty distribution are just a few things blockchain technology can automate, let's build the future together! 

If you don't have a yourname. near wallet you can get one for free. The $NEAR crypto currency can be bought and traded at (USA option) or other exchanges.

CC Attribution Licensed Image by noxfcna on Sketchfab

NFT Program