NFT Shop
CC Attribution Licensed Image by noxfcna on Sketchfab

Relaunching April 2021

2020 brought CODAME artists great success in the NFT market. At the begining of 2021 we took pause to do things right & address concerns we heard from our artists. Partnering with MINTBASE on NEAR ticks all of our boxes:

  • Carbon neutral gen3 blockchain built for global adoption.
  • Split profits from sales.
  • Split royalties from resales.
  • Fast & inexpensive transfers.
  • Web native UX (no browser extensions required).

Join Us for ART+TECH workshops, artist onboarding, and collectively promoting each other! πŸ‘ΎπŸ’œ


Claim Your Wallet and
Digital Art Card Drop

Calling all artists & collectors to prepare by reserving a yourname.near wallet. Tweet at @codame with the name you get (using the slides below) and we'll airdrop you a few Digital Art Cards 😎


Testnet Preview

If you're curious about the future shop look and feel (including split payments/royalties visualization), we're live on mintbase testnet!

If you want to kick the tires with us grab a testnet wallet (everything on testnet is without value and does not transfer to the mainnet chain).


Radical Transparency

All profit from the NFT shop will go to a Codame Community Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Anyone in the community will be able to make proposals for the councel to greenlight. Self governance and royalty distribution are just a few things blockchain technology can automate, let's build the future together!