Non Viral Series

Non-viral series is a robotic performance where a moving light light-paints computer-generated and natural inspired patterns.

The light, or robot’s HEAD, is attached to two motors, ARMS, that allow the head to move on 2 axis.

A remotely controlled camera opens the shutter when the robot starts to draw and closes it when the robot is done generating a long exposure photograph, capturing the performance.

During the performance the spectator can interact with the performance by placing obstacles between the camera (obstructing light) or by shining lights like the smartphone flashlight or the smartphone screen (addition of light).

The resulting image is presented to the spectator via a digital output (projection/screen/social media).

After celebrating the output of a performance the robot resets and starts with a new drawing. Each performance has a variable length that spans from 5 minutes to an hour. 

The installation lays in a meditative, dark space, that let the focus of the spectator be captured by the motion of light.  While following the motion of the robotic head, the viewers can grasp the laws of natural patterns; these patterns are inspired by everyday animals or plants, like birds, flowers, sea algae etc. The art piece questions our digital culture that is growing more and more detached from the natural, and wants to point the spotlight to the beauty of nature’s complexity and form.