Out of this World Advice

An alien communication device was left here 2000 years ago by future-seeing aliens who knew that in 2019, humans would really need some advice.  Passed down through generations, the communication device is now available for all to contact the extraterrestrials for advice.

Imagine: Ambient sound and light movement attracts you to a monolith. Upon approaching you notice the rectilinear shape towards the top of the structure where the light appears to be coming from.

They look like buttons, you push them an seem to have activated it. You hear a rhythmic, musical sound. Pressing another button activates another sound.

More sounds are activated until the first level is full, the lights seem a call to action towards the next level of buttons…

Out of This World Advice is an interactive musical sculpture with 12 buttons, 156 LEDs, and amplified sound.  The device uses generative processes to produce music as participants interact and breaks out into a final song upon reaching the “advice” stage.


Out of this World Advice