ART+TECH “Virtual Reality” @Mozilla Video Streaming!

CODAME brought ART+TECH, Mozilla brought Virtual Reality to the Web, making it a remarkable and inspiring experience.


CODAME Featured Artists + Projects:

  • DataGeyser, an immersive VR experience of data on Social Network, a collaboration by HackReactor students + Kinetech Arts
  • Psychedelic VR Trip Through the Large Hadron Collider,  a collaboration effort with Eddie Lee and Baiyon
  • TIMEFLY, Gravity fashion brought to you by Kim Laughton and Kevin Heckart
  • Metropulus::Drone, an interactive installation bringing the dystopian future right into your very hands
  • ModBod3D, A whole body scanner out of a gaming computer, wheel bearing, plywood

Mozilla VR Research Team Open Lab Experiments:

Our event: