ANI (Amy Lee), is a Bay Area-based electronic musician and web developer who specializes in building digital instruments to compose improvisational sets using iPads, iPhones, and synthesizers.   Every set she plays is a unique blend of beats, chord progressions, and wild synth solos.  One thing she’s not: a DJ!

More about her sound and how to adopt her: ANI: Live Set

ANI started out as a web developer and visual designer, but in the ensuing years, what began (and largely remains) as a lovingly maintained hobby of building iPad instruments became a chance to tour with looping festivals with performers from around the world.  She has performed at: Y2K LoopfestNW Loop Fest, andCODAME.  She also serves as a coordinator for the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup.

She has been an Adopted Artist in Residence at Geekdom – the first supporters ofAdopt An Artist – developing iOS app for iBeacon that she hopes will help extend the CODAME experience directly to audiences by giving them access to a network of digital content about the artwork.  In addition, she is also working on an iPad instrument called sBASSdrum (pronounced “space drum”) which launched in February.

I’m part of CODAME because I feel it is one of the best underground art organizations that has a super strong focus on the use of cutting edge technologies like 3D printing, motion-reactive visualizations, iBeacons, and mobile computing. We get to truly unite artists with the best in technology, and expose new tech-based artists to the world. ” – ANI

Stay tuned for more of her projects being featured at Geekdom this year!


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