Anina Net

A former international model now based in San Francisco and Beijing with 10 years’ experience creating a bridge between the east and west, fashion and tech. Anina recently created 162 smart gloves using gesture recognition for Intel's cooperation with CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She is invited to speak at the top global technology conferences, along with fashion and social media events.

Working together with the China National Garment Association over the last five years, Anina has successfully produced large-scale exhibitions, roundtable discussions, and fashion tech runway shows, which feature wearable technology and IOT fashion solutions. 

Anina is a worldwide public speaker on fashion technology, known for her new product developments and her vision for the future technological lifestyle. She has been speaking at the top technology conferences such as Mobile World Congress, Le Web, LIFT, DLD, China Fashion Week, China Fashion Forum, Huawei Innovation, Dutch Week of Innovation, TechNode, PingWest SYNC,  and more. 

Anina is an expert at integrating technology into fashion clothing. She works with fashion designers and technicians to create new wearable technology in clothing and accessories.