David Glowacki
“Theoretical chemist, author, inventor, and creator”

CODAME Featured Artist

Dr. David Glowacki is a theoretical chemist, author, inventor, and the creator ofdanceroom spectroscopy, an interactive science-meets-art installation that has introduced the beauty and complexity of the atomic world to thousands of people across the UK and Europe.  He has collaborations across several areas of chemistry, using tools from classical and quantum mechanics to understand a range of nano-physics relevant to gases, solids, and liquids.

Glowacki has been an artist in residency in Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio, and shown work Arnolfini, the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, and London’s Barbican Arts Centre.

Originally from Milwaukee, David moved to the UK in 2003 on a Fulbright scholarship to study cultural theory at the University of Manchester, subsequently completing a PhD in physical chemistry at Leeds before arriving at Bristol.  He has been published across a range of subjects and publications, including several prominent scientific journals.

Quantum Collision. A meeting of Science, Art, Dance and Music. from Mark Whatmore, Yoho Media on Vimeo.

David Glowacki