Dr. Woohoo!
“Fusing the best of art, technology, and design to find new techniques to create works of art, and products that capture the imagination”

CODAME Featured Artist


Dr. Woohoo! is a hybrid artist, designer and creative roboticist searching for the sweet spot between CNC machines, 3d printing, robots, artists, and designers.  Although his early background was in traditional mediums, and later developing scripts, plug-ins and stand-alone creative applications to make pixels dance on screens, he is now connecting the dots between the former and the latter.

Woohoo! currently works at Autodesk in the Office of the CTO, and can be found playing with robots, exploring how a robot can enhance the creative process in conjunction with — or beyond — CNC machines and 3d printers. Teaching the robot how to paint, chisel and weave on multi-dimensional surfaces that are CNC’d or 3d printed occupies his current imagination. He is interested in collaborating with either an industrial design group like IDEO or a fashion design company interested in applying current and future techniques to create something beautiful.

Turbulence: Watercolor + Magic from Dr. Woohoo! on Vimeo.

Dr. Woohoo!