Edith Viau

Edith (Montréal, Qc) is an artist interested in systems as a medium. With an academic background in mathematics and finance, she spends her creative time exploring how to systematize creative processes. She is interested in how uncertainty manifests itself in different field of life, and how financial markets deals with this uncertainty. Founder of ARTificial MTL, she was a participant in the 2020 MUTEK AI Art Lab held in Montreal. 

A quick interview with Edith

After studying mathematics, I started working on my own arts projects - mostly projects about the markets and some involving artificial intelligence. I am also interested in esolangs and in electronic literature.

Who, or what, inspires you in your art and in your life?

Systems - how we interact with them as humans, how we build them - and how they affect us in response. For this current workshop ( the e-lit, playing with words workshop), I am interested in building systems - ways to interact with words - that helps people in their creative writings projects.

What’s next for you as an artist? 

I am currently evolving my practice from working with data to working with concepts. The question I am currently working on is: "what is a market? " Where do markets come from, and what are the principles underlying them are at the center of my exploration. For now, this involves a lot of research and reading various perspectives - I have one or two projects I am working on that go deeper into these questions.

Edith Viau