Evo Heyning

Called on as a Magicmaker for New Ventures, Evo is a creative force of nature connecting brilliant visionaries and teams with resources, ideas and opportunities for exponential impact. With 20+ years experience inside major companies, NGOs, media networks, startups and now as a producer Evo brings INTEGRATION, insight and inspiration to new ventures. Current residencies and projects connect VR and Mixed Reality, AI and nanotech R&D with a wide mix of interactive product teams in edtech, personalized product delivery, media, health and impact mapping across fields and sectors.

Evonne (Evo) Heyning is a 2012 graduate of Singularity University GSP and consults on human connection: engagement strategy and community development, transparency, trust and blockchains for opening access, emerging trends in media arts, social and playful communications, demystifying change management for new systems and economic opportunities for learning and participation. In the last decade she co-founded tech teams including Toyshoppe Systems, a full service FX media R&D studio creating robots, wearables and spacecraft for film, touring and broadcast partners worldwide. Evo is available for strategy hikes in Oakland or LA, writes speculative fiction and nonfiction series and produces mixed reality experiences.

A visionary interactive producer, Evonne Heyning (Evo) has worked at the intersection of learning, meaningful media and creative campaigns for 20 years. In social enterprises she designs experiences, community ecosystems and new ventures. As a creative producer she weaves together mixed reality, events, live broadcast, vital impact resources and social media engagement. For the last two decades she has been weaving tech, media and impact for national and local government, major networks, universities and global nonprofits.

Evonne delivers inspiration and insight, opening learning opportunities and access for everyone. With over 30 years experience as an exhibiting artist and programmer Evo has spent over a decade designing tools to connect media, learning and experiences. In 2014 she won the NBCNews hackathon creating RealAction, an app to generate emergency news push reports with maps and vital info to all devices within minutes of any crisis. In the past few years she has focused on gaming including AR and Mixed Reality, serving as CoFounder & Former Chair of Grow Games to blend collaborative play with healthy ecosystems.

In 2015 she received an Innovation award from Hershey’s to invest the future of chocolate, connecting makers and consumers through the happiness and joy of creating new chocolate products. By using tech tools from AI, biotech engineering of personalized medicine, 3D printing and free learning delivery we can rapidly change the way products and services are delivered to each other, connecting a new world of opportunity. For more read this article from Singularity Hub on tech, innovation and the future of chocolate.

Evo specializes in using technology to create solutions for dynamic play. She works extensively with governments to facilitate rapid change, from creating a clean GHG-free vision with Palo Alto to redesigning mobility and transit in Medellin, Colombia. Her work with ExO.Works currently has Evo guiding innovation sprints in cities around the world.

In Hollywood and beyond she weaves thousands of social posts into extraordinary live event broadcasts for clients such as Allstate with Imagine Dragons, SpiderMan2, White House with Ogilvy for the Affordable Care Act and Wisdom 2.0. She has previously worked with diverse teams at TechSoup, the US Department of State and as a teacher creating new curricula within special education schools and libraries. 

Evo is passionate about creating personalized learning apps and tools for knowledge sharing across all types of media and experiences to deliver a personal map for lifelong learning. Evonne started a homegrown incubator for new ventures after graduating from Singularity University and she guides interactive tech teams connecting experiences as a board member, co-founder and advisor.

Evo is a frequent event speaker, host and producer on topics including Social Action Gaming, Insight and Inspiration,  Engagement and Participation in Media and the Future of Learning, Interactivity and Play.  She published the virtual to live art book Visions of Global Justice with USC and the MacArthur Foundation in 2009 and is now developing a workbook on engagement strategy while building new communities around the world. She is producing a new immersion work as a futurist tech game show for global livestreaming and participatory play. 


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