Florian Hoenig

CODAME Featured Artist: Florian Hoenig

Florian first discovered the expressive power of computer programming in early childhood. The not so uncommon encounter with video game worlds and the possibility of creating interactive spaces modeled after shear imagination was naturally motivating to learn programming.
Today Florian recognizes the utilitarian superficialities and functionally biased applications of computer programming. The overemphasis on rational processes that is surrounding his western culture and upbringing he sees as a limitation to the technological world’s emergent need to grow awareness for the magical. He predicts a widening gap between experiences enabled by technology and sustainable holistic growth; an ultimate detriment to progress.
As a consequence and to explore solutions to this problem, Florian is determined to create immersive virtual spaces that allow for limitless creativity by transforming tools into an intuitive and expressive new medium that genuine and deep experiences can be drawn from and shared. It constitutes a search for nature inside the machine.
Florian holds an advanced in Computer Science from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, has passionately contributed to the academic field of Computational Aesthetics and is an accomplished entrepreneur.
Twitter: @rianflo
Florian Hoenig
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