Josh Carpenter

Josh Carpenter is a San Francisco-based UX Designer currently focused on VR Research with Mozilla. He has spent a career focused on the intersection between digital design and the built environment. First as a student at Vancouver Film School working with NASA to reconstruct Cold War submarine interiors, then using 3DS Max to bring buildings to life for architecture and real estate clients, and as Creative Director of a Vancouver based building automation firm, augmenting homes and offices with sensor technology. Most recently he led the Firefox OS UX team to design the world's first web based mobile operating system.

Carpente for a chat on Virtual Reality - The Future of the Web Nov. 21 for CODAME ART+TECH Virtual Reality @ Mozilla

What is VR? Why is it special? What will happen when we combine it spatial, immersive, and performance intensive with the wild and eclectic web? What creative possibilities will open up? Which web values will be strengthened interoperability, user privacy, security, etc  and which will change? Virtual reality is a new medium. It presents us with challenges and opportunities completely unlike anything we ve encountered in mobile or desktop.

In this talk we will explore the bleeding edge of the VR web: what you can create today, what the emerging best practices are, and what we as creative professionals can learn (need to learn) from peers in parallel fields like game design, visual effects and architecture.

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