Lia Coleman

Lia Coleman is an artist, AI researcher, and educator based in Puebla, Mexico. Her interests lie in AI for artwork, online education, and public murals. These days, she helps others learn how to create artwork with AI, and teaches online workshops on creating AI art with Derrick Schultz.

Lia has taught at RISD as a visiting AI artist and researcher in ML art. Recently, she collaborated with the Partnership on AI to create a field guide for artists to use ML in an ethical manner. In 2019, Lia's AI research and artwork were accepted to the NeurIPS Machine Learning for Creativity And Design Workshop, where she presented a poster of her research. Lia's writing on AI artwork and new media art have been published in Neocha Magazine, and her work has been exhibited in Vancouver, Seattle, NYC, and Boston.

Lia is an alumni of the School for Poetic Computation in NYC, and holds a Bsc in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can find Lia on the internet at, @lialialiacole on Twitter, or @liacole7 on Instagram.

Lia Coleman
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