Marc O Matic is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Animator, Storyteller,
Director, and XR Technologist from Melbourne, Australia. As an independent Creator,
Marco is an Auteur of emerging tech, pioneering his creative approaches and techniques
to Augmented Reality storytelling with a focus on fusing AR/VR with more traditional
analogue art mediums. Described as Augmented Storytelling Canvases, Marc creates
and transforms static art, physical objects and spaces into interactive, animated and
experiential pieces; allowing audiences to intimately explore, understand and engage with
subject matter. Breaking from conventional norms of storytelling his work has aimed to
provide a benchmark of creative and commercial applications with immersive media.

Marc has showcased internationally, in South Korea, Japan, Denmark and the United
States including events such as South by South West San Francisco’s Game Developer’s
Conference, Silicon Valley’s VR Association, ACM Siggraph Asia and Adobe Symposium.
Possessing a highly intricate visual art style and attention to detail Marc continues to work
closely with tech companies, educational institutions and city councils to explore
intersections between the arts, education and entertainment; transforming complex
topics into engaging and immersive visual narratives and experiences. 


Marc-O-Matic on Twitter